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The Marshall Tucker Band - Nossas Bandas Prediletas 1

Em 1973 foi lançado um álbum importante para a História da Country music e do Rock and Roll! Esse foi o álbum auto-intitulado "Marshall Tucker Band". O álbum continha hits como "Take a Highway". A banda Marshall Tucker tem "aquele som de estrada" que tanto gostamos e procuramos. Eles fazem uma deliciosa salada de estilos e mesclando instrumentos não muito convencionais ao Country e ao Rock and Roll, criando um som original, que transcende fronteiras musicais. Fora isso:adoram LONG-NECKS!!!

A gente foi pego de surpresa quando os cabeludos - Renato Z2 e Paulo Steel - da Banda Rioclaro, mostraram coisas como "A new life", "24 hours at a time" foi tão empolgante e não menos impressionanteque, que de cara falamos: " DUCARALHO!!!".

Band name origin
There was no band member named "Marshall Tucker". Originally, the band called itself The Toy Factory (named after lead-guitarist Toy Caldwell). But by the time the band released its first album they had become the Marshall Tucker Band. During a radio interview in Hempstead, New York in 1973, Tommy Caldwell explained the origins of the band's name:

There's an old blind dude [in Spartanburg] that tunes pianos, and his name is Marshall Tucker... We didn't name the band after him, but we just kind of liked that name and stuck with it.
The band's official website offers additional background:

When MTB first got together in their native Spartanburg back in 1972 they were rehearsing in an old warehouse. They had yet to decide on a name and were discussing what they should call themselves one evening. Someone looked at the tag on the key and it said "Marshall Tucker" and it was suggested they call themselves the Marshall Tucker Band, not knowing it was a real person's name. Because it was time to go to dinner and everyone was hungry they said "sounds great" and the rest is history. A few years later they found out that Marshall Tucker was the name of the person who rented the building before them. His name was still on the key tag because the warehouse owner hadn't changed it yet. Mr. Tucker was a blind piano tuner, who, along with his partner, used the building for their piano business.

[edit] Discography
1973 - The Marshall Tucker Band
1973 - A New Life
1974 - Where We All Belong
1975 - Searchin' for a Rainbow
1976 - Long Hard Ride
1977 - Carolina Dreams
1978 - Together Forever
1979 - Running Like the Wind
1980 - Tenth
1981 - Dedicated
1982 - Tuckerized
1982 - Greatest Hits
1983 - Just Us
1983 - Greetings from South Carolina
1988 - Still Holdin' On
1990 - Southern Spirit
1992 - Still Smokin'
1993 - Walk Outside the Lines
1994 - The Capricorn Years (box set)
1996 - Country Tucker (compilation)
1997 - MT Blues (compilation)
1998 - Face Down in the Blues
1999 - Gospel
2003 - Stompin' Room Only
2004 - Beyond the Horizon
2004 - Live from the Garden State (DVD)
2005 - Anthology (compilation)
2005 - Carolina Christmas
2006 - Live on Long Island
2007 - The Next Adventure

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