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We all care about Amazon… we all want to act against destroying this beautiful place on Earth, a place which is without a doubt one of the hearts and source of life to all the planet.
We also know how cruelly are human's rights violated there, how many people already died to fight for human rights and protecting the Nature from destruction. We know the facts, we know the companies, we know that behind all of that sta...nd money and greed.
I know there are already many groups and pages to support Amazon and People in Amazon. .. but please use this event to spread some important links, petitions and addresses among your friends.
All this event is about SAYING NO TO BELO MONTE DAM.
Below you will see the letter from indigenous people of Xingu who ask for INTERNATIONAL support to SAY NO FOR BELO MONTE DAM.
eneath that, you will find few very important active petitions to government of Brazil.

Next, you will find few documents explaining WHY Belo Monte project is so dangerous and shouldn’t come into life.
… and finally at the end you will find e-mail addresses (to copy and paste) to Brazillian Embassies all around the world, postal addresses, phone numbers… Please use them to write your private letters. If I may ask... please do it at least once per every week till we all won't be sure the plans for building the dam become the past. This will make a change.
Special thanks to Amazon Watch, International Rivers, all Amazon protecting movements, human rights movements… and YOU for your time and such a huge engagement in saving life.
Okay… so… here we go…:
Indian Chief Raoni and representatives of indigenous peoples of Xingu (Brazil) request international support against the proposed Belo Monte dam project.

“We, the indigenous people of Xingu, do not want Belo Monte. We, the indigenous people of Xingu, are fighting for our people, our land but also for the future of the planet. President Lula said he was worried about the Indians, he was concerned about the Amazon and that he did not want international NGOs. We, the 62 indigenous leaders of the vilages of Bacaja, Mrotidjam, Kararao, Terra – Wanga, Boa Vista Km 17, Tukama, Kapoto, Moikarako, Aykre, Kiketrum, Potriko, Tukai, Mentutire, Omekrankum, and Cakamkubem Pokaimone, have already undergone many invasions and faced many dangers.

When the Portuguese arrived in Brazil, we Indians, were already there; many have died, many have lost their vast territories, most of their rights, many have ost part of their culture and others have totally disappeared.
The forest is our grocery store, the river our market. We do not want the Xingu rivers to be invaded and that our villages and our children, who will be raised according to our customs, be in danger. We do not want the Belo Monte hydroelectric dam because we knowit will only cause destruction. We are not only thinking about the local implications, but about all the descructive consequencesof the dam: it will attract even more business, more farms, it will promote the invasion of our lands, conflicta and even the construction of other dams. If the white man continues, everything will be destroyed very quickly. We ask: “What more does the government want? What good will so much energy do after so much destruction?”

We have aready held numerous meetings and have participated in major events to oppose the Belo Monte complex, as we did in 1989 and 2008 in Altamira, and in 2009 in the vilage of Piaracu where many of our leaders were present. We have personally talked with President Lula to convince him that we did not want the dam and he promosed us that it would not be forced upon us. We have also personally talked with Eletronorte and Eletrobras, as well as with FUNAI and IBAMA. We have already warned the government that if the dam project went through, the war would be declared and he would be made accountable. The government has not understood our message and again, has taunted the indigenous peoples, ensuring that it will build the dam at all costs. When President Lula said this, he showed that he paid no heed to the voice of indigenous peoples ad that he did not recognize our rights. His lack of respect led him o plan the teder for the Belo Monte during the Week of indigenous peoples.
Because of this, we, the Indians of the Xinguregion, have invited James Cameron and his team, representatives of the Xingu Forever Movement (as well as the women’s movement, ISA and CMI, AmazonWatch and other organizations). We want them to help us communicate our message to the world and to the Brazilians themselves who do not yet know what is happening in Xingu. We invited them because we know there are many people in Brazil and elsewhere who want to help us protect our rights and territories. They are welcomed among us.
We fight for our people, our lands, our forests, our rivers, for our children ad the glory of our ancestors. We are also fighting for the future of the plaet because we know that these forests are not only beneficial to the indigenous people but to the Brazilian society and the world as well. We also know that without these forests, many peope will suffer, much more than from all the destruction that occurred in the past. All life is interconneted, like the bood that unites families. The world must know what is happening here. People must realize that destruction of forests and indigenous peoples will translate into their own destruction. It is for these reasons that we oppose Belo Monte. The dam will cause the destruction of our people.
In conclusion, we proclaim that we are determined, that we are strong, that we are ready to fight and that we remember the words of a letter that a North American Indian had once sent to his President: “It is only when the white man has destroyed the whole forest, when it has killed all fish and animals and that all rivers have dried up that he will realize that nobody can eat money.”

AUTHORS: Cacique Bet Kamati Kayapo, Cacique Raoni Kayapo, Yakareti Juruna.

Source: http://www.raoni.fr/actualites-47.php

Please support Chief Raoni’s petition:

”I support Chief Raoni and indigenous peoples of Xingu and request the permanent abandonment of the proposed Belo Monte hydroelectric dam project.” http://www.raoni.fr/signature-petition-1-EN.php

Please support Amazon Watch petition to Brazilian Government.

” We've already delivered half a million signatures to Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff, but we're just getting started. Help us stop the Belo Monte Dam by signing the petition here!”~ Amazon Watch

” Dear Brazilian Government:I support the demands of Brazilian civil society and urge you to defend the Amazon and its people and stop the Belo Monte Dam Complex.


Why NO for Belo Monte Dam project?
Please watch document directed by Amazon Watch and International Rivers.

Amazon Watch and International Rivers have teamed up to create a state-of-the-art 10-minute Google Earth 3-D tour and video narrated by actress Sigourney Weaver, with technical assistance from Google Earth Outreach. The video is in support of Brazil's Movimento Xingu Vivo Para Sempre (Xingu River Forever Alive Movement). The tour allows viewers to learn about the harmful impacts of, and alternatives to the massive Belo Monte Dam Complex on the Amazon's Xingu River.

”Defending the Rivers of the Amazon, with Sigourney Weaver”: http://youtu.be/Melq7VA7FjY

Please watch “A last stand for the Xingu” document direced by AmazonWatch: http://youtu.be/HvbOTrczxAA

Please listen to the message from Chief Raoni (document directed by AmazonWatch) : http://youtu.be/_tz_t6HdR44

Please listen to the message from Antonia Melo - Xingu Alive Forever Movement: http://youtu.be/xGehiu2h0As

Please watch “A Message From Pandora” document about the battle to stop the Belo Monte Dam ~ directed by James Cameron: http://youtu.be/RjfLyGTXSYo

Please write your personal letter to the Brazilian Embassies all over the world. To do so, you can use this e-mail list line.

Explanation for a single e-mal address you wil find in the link below the list of addresses:

, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Here are the explanations for the addresses listed above: http://embassy.goabroad.com/embassies-of/brazil

There are some lacking e-mail addresses in our world map, so for anyone who has the possibility and would like to contact with Brazilian Embassies in: Burkina Faso, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Geneva, Tanzania, Togo, Atlanta in USA use those info below:

Embassy of Brazil in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Ambassade du Brasil a Ouagadougou
Hotel Sofitel Ouaga 2000, chambres 529/530, 10 B.P. 13571, Ouagadougou 10, Burkina Faso

Embassy of Brazil in Pretoria, South Africa
Hillcrest Office Park, Woodpecker Place, First Floor, 177 Dyer Road, Hillcrest, Pretoria, GA 0083, South Africa, PO BOX 3269, Phone: (2712)366-5200, Fax: (2712)366-5299

Consulate of the Federative Republic of Brazil
Morven House, 16 Queen's Road , Colombo 3, Sri Lanka, Phone: 11-556.6900, Fax: 11-556.6999

Embassy of Brazil in Sudan
Endereco para entrega de Mala Diplomatica
Rua Kamel Magzob , Casa 110, Bloco 21, Riyadh, Khartoum, Sudan, Phone: 00 249 1 8321 7079, 00 249 1 8321 7069 , Fax: 00 249 1 8321 7049

Consulate General of Brazil in Geneva
54, rue de Lausanne , 1202 Geneve ,Phone: 022 906 9420 , Fax: 022 906 1994 35

Embassy of Brazil in Tanzania
BARCLAYS BUILDING, 40. ANDAR, OHIO STREET, UPANGA , P.O. BOX 105818, DAR ES SALAAM, TANZANIA, Phone: (25522) 212-6920 (GERAL),Fax: (25522) 212 9664

Embassy of Brazil in Togo
Cite OUA, rue de la Presidence de la Republique Anexe, s/n, Lome, Togo, Phone: (00228) 261 5684, 261 5658, 261 5659, Fax: (00228) 261-5683

Consulate General of Brazil in Atlanta, United States
3500 Lenox Road NE, One Alliance Center, Suite 800, Atlanta-GA, 30326, Phone: 1(404) 949-2400, Fax: 1(404) 949-2402

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